Ladies’ Night Out rings in the new year with heart


LUSK Ladies of Niobrara county and the surrounding area once again gathered for an evening “out on the town” courtesy of Prairie Hills Community Church. The church began the annual event to bring women together for an evening of fellowship and refreshment and has continued the tradition to ever-growing numbers. Over 100 from school age to senior saints were able to attend the event on Monday, January 9.

Those in attendance are treated to a baked potato bar dinner and individual portioned desserts of lemon curd or chocolate mousse.

This year’s speaker was Ruth Young of Lingle. Ruth was an engaging speaker with a timeless message from Ecclesiastes 3:1-. To everything there is a season-a time for every purpose under heaven. She discussed “Seasons Change” and the different seasons in her life and how each one prepared her for the next. Those who attended found the message both relevant and uplifting. It was a good reminder that in difficult seasons it will not last forever and that even the best of times come with change. A popular quote is that the one constant in life is change but the overarching message was also that even more than that is the constancy of the Lord through our change.

Changing leaf magnets with the key scripture were provided for all the attendees by Christy Fahy and as a way for those who attended to remember the lessons learned. Many in attendance expressed their appreciation of the time and efforts of the committee that hosted the evening. As one attendee stated, “It was amazing-thank you ladies of all seasons.”

While they need some recovery time, those who were involved with the event look forward to hosting another Ladies’ Night Out in 2024.