Peeks in the Past


April 28, 1922
VAN TASSELLITE FIRST IN NIOBRARA COUNTY TO HAVE A RADIOPHONE – O. I. Stenger is, so far as we are able to learn, the first man in Niobrara county to install one of the radiophone receiving sets. O. I. invited the Herald-Standard gang down to see the works go into action for the first time, and assures us that he is going to dispose of his phonograph and records and take his entertainment direct from the air here after. The set is to catch almost anything broadcasted from anywhere in the United States.
“and they say that” - - - E. O. Stratton spent a few days in Casper last week.
Jack Burke has been released from a smallpox quarantine.
Mrs. Frances Agnew spent several days in Manville the past week.
Bush Boyd and B. J. Hoppe came down from Casper Saturday and took in the big Legion dance.
Mr. William Outhouse of Keeline is in the Lusk hospital, very seriously ill with cancer of the stomach.
Robert C. Ord was in from the ranch the fore part of the week.
Cars of all makes, good service and appearance at small fraction of actual value. Lusk Motor Co.

May 1, 1947
Lusk motorists must watch for new stop signs and school signs, installed the past week in the interest of safety. The School Board and Town Council have co-operated in securing two signs to place on the highway hill near the Grade School building. This hill has always been considered a hazard, and out-of-town motorists are not aware that children may be crossing the street over the brow of the hill. The signs give this warning. Then stop signs have been placed at the corner near the Catholic Church, giving traffic on the east and west street the right of way. The hill and cut at this corner has made the intersection very dangerous.
Work was started Tuesday morning on the moving of dirt in the Northside Park of Lusk in the construction of an athletic field there. Under an agreement between the Town of Lusk and the School District No. 1 Board, the school’s athletic field will be placed there. To get the project moving, labor and machines are being contributed by various individuals and the County Board. Warren Gallup did the surveying. High School boys and others are assisting in the moving of trees and with other shovel work. In previous years the Fair Grounds field has been used, but the driving across the race track to get to this field has been objected to, thus the Fair Board and County officials are co-operating in the move.

March 27, 1972
R. G. Pfister and Dale Fullerton announced Ranch-way Feed Service has purchased and donated two blocks to the Town of Lusk. The blocks, 23 and 16, are located in the hospital area and must be used as a park.
K-N’s Main Line is Being Laid. Laying of a four-inch main line for Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Company, Inc., has been started in the southwest area of Lusk. Through a franchise agreement with the Town of Lusk K-N must have natural gas into line by July 31. Bill Hale, K-N Lusk District manager, says laying of the line will take from three to eight weeks depending on weather conditions. Contractor for the line is Distribution Construction Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma. After the main line is completed two-inch service lines will be laid and service stubs installed. The activity in the above photo was in the alley between Copper and Diamond streets. The garage is owned by Mr. and Mrs. George Dixon.
Delegates and Alternates – The evening of April 18 American Legion and Auxiliary announced delegates and alternates to Girls’ State in Laramie and Boys’ State in Douglas June 11-17. Elected are (left to right) front row – Georgia Germann, Rita Williams, delegates, and Tibbie McNutt and Vivian Lenz, alternates. Back row – John Germann, alternate, and John Branney and Dave Brewster, delegates.

April 30, 1997
Search and research continues. Jane Doe Chopping I joined John Doe I and II when Park Miller’s equipment touched the corner of a third casket. Miller, who is an old hand at these matters by now, immediately contacted Niobrara County Coroner Butch Bader, who called the University of Wyoming’s grave recovery team, headed by Rich Weatherman. He was joined by Cindy Webb of Pochteca Archeology of Laramie, with whom he is affiliated. Wednesday morning the team began excavation of the third casket. The team surveyed and mapped the exact location of each grave site, which researchers believe will lead to identification of the remains. Jane Doe Chopping has joined John Do Chopping II at the Wyoming State Crime Lab. John Doe Chopping I has been returned to Bader Funeral Home in Lusk where he and the others will be buried at a later time. And the owner of the property – Chopping is relieved the experience is over. “I’m not superstitious,” said Chopping, “but I’m glad the ordeal is over. I’m not doing any more digging except for the gaslines, and they’re not that deep.”
Legend Placemats – To promote the 1997 Legend of Rawhide shows, the Lusk Herald in conjunction with the Legend board will produce a dining placemat similar to the one printed in 1988. The placemat will be sold to area ranchers and others who own brands to display their brands. There are only 38 spaces remaining. A portion of the funds will go to help support the Legend and its activities.

“If you don’t see it in The Herald it didn’t happen.”