Public Notice No. 5228



Public Notice

MARCH 5, 2019
The Town Council of the Town of Lusk met in regular session at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall on Tuesday March 5, 2019.
Council Members Present:    Council Members Rebecca Blackburn, Calvin Carstensen, Tom Dooper, and Dean Nelson
Absent: Mayor Doug Lytle,
Also Present: Linda Frye, Clerk/Treasurer, Cassandra Matney, Deputy Clerk, Todd Skrukrud, Director of Public Works, Sean Duffy, Golf Course Superintendent, Bo Krein, Chief of Police, James Santistevan, Parks/Cemetery, Emergency Management, Doug Jergenson, Animal Control
MAYOR PRO-TEM Calvin Carstensen called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.
Chief Krein led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Absolute Solutions    Police Department Radio Repair           $261.47
AFLAC    Payroll Deduction           $618.62
Allbright’s True Value    Supplies/ New Equip./Maint./Repairs           $887.91
ALSCO/American Linen    Mat Rental           $150.84
Axon    Police Department, RIMS Expense        $1,536.00
BankCard Center    Postage/Supplies/Homeland Security/
    Repairs/New Equip./Support        $2,321.93
Black Hills Energy    Gas Utilities        $1,523.82
Blue Cross Blue Shield    Insurance      $30,525.03
Brott, Nolan    Rec. Dept. Uniform Refund             $25.00
C&H Tire/Trailer Repair    Equipment Repair           $170.00
Carstensen, Calvin    Meal Reimbursement             $63.05
Caselle    Contract Support        $1,100.00
Century Link    Phone/Internet        $1,219.84
Century Link    Phone Bill; Long Distance             $32.32
Connecting Point    Copier Lease             $43.00
Decker’s Food Center    Supplies             $43.26
Delta Dental    Dental Insurance           $673.20
Doyle J. Davies    Municipal Judge        $1,000.00
Eaton Sales & Services    Airport Parts & Supplies           $921.26
Ferguson Waterworks    Metering System/Parts & Supplies      $14,008.11
Finchers Findings     Recreation Uniforms           $117.44
Franks Parts Company    Parts/Supplies/Repairs/Misc.        $1,690.11
Goodwin, Jody    Rec. Dept. Uniform Refund             $25.00
Great American Financial    Copier Lease           $351.00
Great Western Trust Co.    WRS 457 Plan Deferred Comp           $200.00
Great Western Tire, Inc.    Police Dept. Vehicle Maintenance           $769.88
Hiway Super Service    Fuel        $1,395.10
Interstate Batteries    Sanitation Equipment Repair           $315.90
Jensen, Kenny    Rec. Dept. Uniform Refund             $25.00

Jergenson, Doug    Animal Control Salary           $900.00
John Deere Financial    Golf Course New Equipment           $619.37
KGOS-AM/KERM-FM    Public Relations Advertising           $270.00
Lusk Herald    Advertising        $1,222.50
Lusk Lodging Tax    Lodging Tax        $3,150.48
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.    Ambulance Supplies           $196.22
Meier Building    Monthly P.D. Rent           $800.00
Meier Law Office    Monthly Retainer        $3,000.00
MES-Rocky Mountain    Fire Dept. New Equipment/Parts/Supplies        $1,274.37
Motorola    Homeland Security      $12,579.45
Nelson, Dean    Meal Reimbursement             $92.64
Newcomb’s Heating and Cooling    Economic Development/Repairs           $516.89
Niobrara Chamber of Commerce    Promotion           $187.50
Niobrara County Library    Monthly           $250.00
Niobrara County Treasurer     Monthly        $6,301.50
Nio. Electric Assoc.    Landfill Utilities             $42.83
One Call of Wyoming    Dig Tickets             $25.00
Rawhide Drug Co.    Supplies               $2.99
Safetech, Inc.    Hazard Mitigation Property Acquisition      $77,306.00
Scott, Leah    Meter Deposit Refund             $39.18
Skogen, Cometto & Associates    Audit Expense        $7,250.00
Solid Waste Professionals    Engineers, Landfill Closure           $196.03
Spic and Span Cleaners    Street Blacktop        $1,040.00
TDS Trash Collection    Transfer Station Tipping Fees/Supplies        $3,951.06
Team Lab. Chemical    Shop Supplies           $289.00
Torrington Office Supply    Supplies             $59.99
Trihydro    Landfill Closure        $2,714.75
Underground Enterprises    Transfer Station Fee        $1,500.00
Valley Motor Supply    Supplies/Vehicle Repair           $110.88
Verizon Wireless    Ambulance Cell Phone             $85.87
Visionary Communications    Fire Dept. Misc. Internet             $92.74
WEBT    Employee Life Insurance             $66.50
WMPA    Electrical Power Purchase    $124,639.32
Walt’s Lathe & Machine    Supplies/Parts/Equip. Repair             $92.56
Western Medical Management    Ambulance Billing           $253.39
Whitaker Oil, Inc.    Fuel/Oil/Snow Removal        $3,721.87
Wieser, Danielle    Meter Deposit Refund             $75.81
WYCO Recycling    Recycling Rent           $200.00
Wyoming Dept. Revenue    Wyoming Sales Tax         $6,831.34
Wyoming Dept. of
Workforce Services    Workers Comp        $1,943.86
Wyoming Retirement    Government Contribution      $12,995.67
    Total Vouchers     $338,901.65
MANUAL CHECKS     February 2019    
BlueCross BlueShield    Back Payment for Employee Change           $624.40
Pete Kruse    Per Diem Electric Safety Training             $19.00
Royce Thompson    Per Diem Electric Safety Training             $19.00
Calvin Carstensen    Mileage WAM Conference           $162.40
Dean Nelson    Mileage WAM Conference           $162.40
Doug Lytle    Mileage WAM Conference           $162.40
Linda Frye    Mileage WAM Conference/
    Per Diem & Mileage Caselle Training           $342.04
Jay Owren     Per Diem Police Training           $168.00
Lusk Post Office     Utility Billing           $218.68
Office of State Lands and     75% for Easement 9572 & 9598,
        Investment Water Well Project        $2,724.75
    Total        $4,603.07
COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER SECOND, to approve the Treasurer’s report that includes the financial condition and manual checks. MOTION CARRIED. The Treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.
COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON SECOND, to approve the minutes of the Regular Council Meeting held February 5, 2019. MOTION CARRIED.
Mayor Pro-Tem Carstensen informed the group that a number of items may be tabled due to the fact that Town Attorney Meier could not be present.
Bill Bauer, President and CEO of WindBreak Cable stated that they are in the process of purchasing the cable company from Vyve. They are asking the Council for a transfer of the franchise. Mayor Pro-Tem Carstensen stated that legal counsel needs to be present to conduct such a transfer so this is tabled until next meeting.
Tom Wasserburger representing Lusk “ROCS” informed the Council on the old Hospitality House building on Main Street. They approached Ken Martin owner, about giving them the property. There is also someone looking at purchasing the property. The Town of Lusk would have to own the property to receive grants for demolition and reconstruction of the property. The group is requesting the Council’s blessing and then they would have to contact the owner. Mr. Wasserburger stated that there are grants available but that does not mean they would get them.
Dell Atkinson gave information on the Brownfields Program which is grants for land revitalization through the EPA. Council Member Dooper asked if the Town needs to own the property before they can get grants and does this need to happen before they apply for the grants, and second question, is it the Town’s responsibility to maintain it? Mr. Wasserburger stated that he was unsure of the town owning the property before the grants are applied for and the Town would be responsible for maintaining the property. Twila Barrett said that business owners struggle with there being enough parking for patrons. The Council asked the group to keep them updated.
Sabrina Kruse, Executive Director of Helpmate Crisis and Crime Victim Program presented information on the program and the services they provide for the community.
Richard Ladwig approached the Council about the American Legion Post #1, 100 year celebration. Mr. Ladwig gave information on the event to be held June 28th and is requesting financial support.
Ron and Terry Bukowski attended the Council meeting to discuss the Community Garden. The Town is making changes to the requirements to use the Community Garden. Ron Bukowski stated that the increase of use for the garden from $20.00 for the season to $21.45 per plot per month was a little ridiculous. Terry Bukowski gave his reasons for disagreeing with the changes. They would like to come to an agreement with the Town on a more reasonable price. Council Member Dooper mentioned that the rules for the garden should be given to each person.
The department heads gave updates on their respective departments:
Chief Krein gave a report on the calls received by the Police Department and Animal Control. The Tahoe was having electrical issues and it has been put up for bids. Chief Krein has put a request for bids for a new vehicle. He stated that the department has received three applications for the officer position. The officers are continuing to go to training. The Police Department is also working with the school on some projects.
Todd reported that the abatement of three of the properties in the Hazard Mitigation Project is complete, and there are two more that the Town has not purchased yet. The DEQ has accepted Safetech Inc. abatement report and is requesting information on the demolition of the buildings. Todd and John Eddy are working with Wyoming Department of Corrections and Bruce Perryman AVI Engineer on the easements for the new water well.  The water well project will be put out for bids this month. Todd received an email from Nathan Smolinski from WYDOT stating they will be here the 18th of March and start some bores so they can do a geological study for WYOLINK. Todd will mention that there is no written agreement with WYDOT. Council Member Nelson and Todd meet with WYDOT representative on grants for the walking path and bridge at Northside Park. The airport S-10 Blazer was put out for bids and the opening will be Monday March 11th at 2:00 p.m.
Linda gave information on budget, changes to the BlueCross BlueShield and Wyoming Retirement. She updated the Council on the extension for the demolition of the properties in the Hazard Mitigation Property Acquisition and the increase in the grant funds provided by FEMA.
New Business:
COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN, to approve Resolution No. 19-3, A Resolution Adopting the Region 2 WY Hazard Mitigation Plan. MOTION CARRIED.
COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON, to approve the renewal of the Hanger Lease with Dan Hanson. MOTION CARRIED.
The Commercial Building Lease with Wyoming Newspaper, Inc. d/b/a “The Lusk Herald” was tabled until a later date. The Town will honor a month to month agreement until a new contract can be agreed upon.
COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, SECOND BY BLACKBURN, to approve the cashing of CD #4483 and transfer the money to Wyoming Government Investment Fund and earmark it for the purchase of equipment and repairs. MOTION CARRIED.
There being no further business to come before the Council, COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER, to adjourn the meeting at 5:45 p.m.
The next regular meeting will be Tuesday April 2, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.
Douglas E. Lytle, Mayor
Linda M. Frye, Clerk/Treasurer
Public Notice No. 5228. Published in The Lusk Herald on March 13, 2019.