Public Notice No. 5255



Public Notice

April 2, 2019
The  County Commissioners’ meeting was called to order on this date at 8:58 a.m. with Chairman Patrick H. Wade, Vice-Chair John Midkiff, Commissioner Elaine Griffith, and County Clerk Becky L. Freeman, present.  
Executive Session- Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved, and Commissioner Griffith seconded to enter into executive session at 8:58 a.m. with County Attorney Anne Wasserburger and Road and Bridge Foreman Fred Thomas to discuss personnel matters. Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved, and Commissioner Griffith seconded to reconvene the regular session at 9:55 a.m.  No action was taken.
Elected Officials & Dept. Heads- Shawn Leimser, Emergency Mgmt. Coordinator James Santistevan, Assessor Teri Stephens, Long Term Recovery Manager Dell C. Atkinson, Clerk of District Court Chrisanna Lund, Extension Educator Denise E. Smith, Sheriff Cary Gill, and BenchMark of Torrington Engineer Brian Wakefield met with the Commissioners and discussed office operations. Also in attendance was Ken Keenan.
James gave a monthly update on Emergency Mgmt. Operations and said he intends to apply for a State Homeland Security Program grant.  It is a 100% funded grant with no local match required and applications are due by April 18th.   He also mentioned that the next LEPC meeting is April 16th.
Teri said that Notices of Valuations were mailed.  She also presented a preliminary abstract showing the value of taxable property within each tax district in the county.  She said this abstract does not include any state assessed property values yet.  
She stated that appraisals on oil and gas properties came in yesterday and values appear to be up.  She also discussed upcoming continuing education classes.
 Dell said he had been busy working on grants for the fairgrounds auditorium heating, cooling, and electrical system and new water and sewer lines in Manville.   He said an environmental study must be conducted before applying for the Community Development Block Grant for the sewer lines in Manville.  He stated that there would be another broadband meeting on April 9th and it could be heard via the Wyoming Business Council site.
Chrisanna updated the Commissioners on how the jury trial went.  She noted that she and her deputy underwent training for the POSSE child support system.
Denise said she is busy preparing information for the heating/cooling/electrical enhancements grant for the fairgrounds auditorium.    They are also very busy preparing for the Local Foods Expo occurring on April 24th.    
Cary discussed the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) contract.  He said he canceled the storage unit rental as there is nothing in there that can’t be stored in the sheriff’s garage.  He noted that all officers are trained in CPR and first aid.  
Becky noted that her office is beginning to see revenue from the digitizing project and online subscriptions to access the digitized records online.  
John thought perhaps Dell could reach out to BenchMark of Torrington as they have dealt with environmental studies in the past and might be able to assist with the Manville project.    He also mentioned meetings he attended regarding the childcare situation in Lusk.
Pat discussed the courthouse security grant and asked Shawn to take a look at the west doors and Denny Meier’s office to see if he could do the work because Spiegelberg is too busy.  
Shawn mentioned that the new roof at the sheriff’s office is leaking again, but Fisher Roofing has been contacted.  
Kenny Keenan submitted a proposal for work on the bathrooms at the fairgrounds.  He said he would install vinyl planking instead of patching the tiles in the bathrooms.    
Denise said that it would be a good idea to have representation from the Commissioners and the Fair Board when the Wyoming Business Council reviews the Community Enhancement Grant application in Sheridan on September 6, 2019, and when the Office of State Lands and Investment Board gives its final review and hopefully, approval in Cheyenne on October 3, 2019.  
BenchMark of Torrington- Brian Wakefield, BenchMark of Torrington, met with the Commissioners and submitted the Final Pay Request for the 2018 Road Rehab Project.   
Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved, and Commissioner Griffith seconded to approve the final payment to Timberline Services, Inc. in the amount of $11,964.17 for the 2018 Road Rehabilitation Project.  Motion carried.
Public Hearing- Megan Romano representing Holland & Hart, landowners Barb and Bruce Kilmer, Conner Nicklas of Budd-Falen Law Offices (representing the Kilmers) and Philip Capeheart of ONEOK met with the Commissioners and County Attorney Anne Wasserburger to answer any questions relating to the Change of Zoning and Subdivision Permit Application for the ONEOK Elk Creek Pipeline.  
Chairman Wade called the Public Hearing to order at 11:00 a.m.  The purpose of the hearing was to receive public input on a change of zoning application in which the property located in the SW1/4 of Sec. 17, T33N, R62W, is being changed from Agriculture to Industrial.  Because of the acreage being changed is over 5 acres, a subdivision permit must be approved also.  
Chairman Wade read the application and asked for any comments in favor of or in opposition to the change and subdivision permit.
Attorney Wasserburger said that everything appeared to be in order.  There being no other comments, the hearing closed at 11:03 a.m.
 Change of Zoning- Commissioner Griffith moved, and Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded to approve the change of zoning application from agricultural to industrial and approve the subdivision permit for the ONEOK Elk Creek Pipeline.  Motion carried.
County Attorney- County Attorney Anne Wasserburger updated the Commissioners on county attorney business.  She said she tentatively scheduled a meeting between WEBT, the Commissioners and herself on April 16th at 10:00 a.m. to review the insurance quote WEBT had provided earlier.
The group next discussed the planning and zoning board, and terms and Chairman Wade wanted to clarify that all members could potentially reside in the unincorporated areas of Niobrara County.  He also wanted to correct the term lengths and proposed the following terms: One 1-year term, Two 2-year terms, and Two 3-year terms.
Title 25 Presentation- Kody Nelson, Hospital Chief Operating Officer, Cory Wilcox, Lusk EMS Director, Tammy Ceasglske, Niobrara Community Hospital Social Worker, Peggy Hayes, Director of Solutions for Life, Jennifer Murzda, Family Nurse Practitioner, Kelly Dean and Ashley Clark, Niobrara County Sheriff’s Deputies, Cary Gill, Niobrara County Sheriff, Bo Krein, Town of Lusk Chief of Police, and Matt Smith, Town of Lusk Police Officer, met with the Commissioners and Doyle Davies, Deputy County Attorney, to discuss Title 25 policies and procedures and to try and develop better ways to assist law enforcement and health care providers as well as patients when dealing with involuntary commitments.  
Proposals for Fairgrounds Bathrooms - The Commissioners received two sealed envelopes, one from Miller Construction and one from Keenan Construction for bathroom repairs at the fairgrounds.  Also in attendance were Shawn Leimser and Denise Smith.
Miller Construction stated they were not submitting a proposal at this time, but extended their appreciation for being considered for the job.   
Keenan Construction submitted a bid of $20,325.00 to remove bathroom stalls, deliver them for painting and reinstall as well as remove floor tile, install FRP on walls in both sets of bathrooms, install new counters and faucets and lay vinyl plank flooring.  
The group discussed the proposals, and Mrs. Smith suggested including this project in the grant application.     
Commissioner Griffith moved, and Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded, not to accept the fairgrounds bathroom proposal.  Motion carried.   This project will be included with the heating and cooling grant application.  
Consent Agenda- Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved, and Commissioner Griffith seconded, to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried.  Items on the consent agenda were the minutes of the March 16, 2019 meeting and Petitions of Affidavits for Rebates of Taxes for Remuda Energy; #8-2018 from the 2016 tax rolls for a rebate amount of $66.10 and #9-2018 from the 2016 tax rolls for a rebate amount of $9.59.
Payroll and the following vouchers were approved for payment:
Vendor    Amount    Description
3 Sister's Truck Stop     $          24.53    Fuel
Allbright's True Value Hardware     $     1,030.09    Supplies, maintenance
Alsco     $        195.77    Parts
Becky L. Freeman     $          60.00    I T Expense
BenchMark of Torrington P.C.     $        420.00    County map printing costs

Benzel Pest Control, Inc.     $        194.00    Fairground maintenance
Birch Communications    $        865.81    Telephone
Black Hills Chemical & Janitorial     $        506.41    Supplies
Black Hills Energy     $     2,210.46    Utilities
Boldon Welding & Repair, LLC.     $        195.00    Equipment repairs
Brown Family Property Trust     $          45.00    Dues
C & H Tire & Trailer Repair, LLC.     $        800.00    Parts
Cally Lund     $        500.00    Office rent
Cathcart Fire & Safety     $        200.00    Parts
Century Link     $     1,261.48    Telephone
Century Link Business Services     $        156.71    Telephone
Clarke Plumbing Service     $     2,322.93    Fairground maintenance
CMI Software Corp.     $     2,500.00    Computer expense
Connecting Point Computer Centers     $        192.38    Copier service agreement
County Clerks' Association of
Wyoming     $        100.00    Dues
Decker's Market     $        113.72    Supplies, parts, inmate med.
Dell C. Atkinson     $     6,326.68    Long Term Recovery Mgr.
        Contract, travel
Dennis C. Meier     $     1,000.00    Office rent
Frank Parts Company     $          48.42    Parts
Geographic Innovations     $     1,300.00    Professional mapping
Gorman Funeral Homes     $        305.00    Autopsy
Goshen County Detention Center     $     1,540.00    Inmate housing
GreatAmerica Financial Svcs.     $        380.00    Copier service agreement
Herbert K. Doby     $        100.00    Court appointed attorney
Herren Brothers True Value     $        162.20    Maintenance, parts
Hiway Brake & Alignment     $        182.24    Vehicle repairs
Hiway Super Service     $        196.30    Fuel, parts
Hometown Country     $            7.50    Uniforms
Honnen Equipment Company     $        215.60    Parts
Jameson Cleaning &
Maintenance, LLC.    $     6,800.00    Fairgrounds contract
John A. Baldwin     $        78.75    Bldg. /equip mtnc.
Kath Broadcasting     $      405.00    Advertising
Kerry Steward     $        93.44    Phone, I T expense,
        operational support
Long Building Technologies, Inc.     $      383.88    Justice center maintenance
Lusk Herald     $   7,029.41    Publications
MasterCard     $   2,321.32    Travel, comp. expense,
        supplies, uniforms
Midwest Connect     $        55.00    Supplies
Monika D. Davies     $      500.00    Office rent
Niobrara County Assessor     $      240.00    Supplies
Niobrara County Hospital District     $ 19,567.48    1% Option tax
Niobrara County Library     $   1,725.00    Library deferred comp.
Niobrara County Sheriff's Office     $        22.06    Postage
Niobrara Electric Association     $        51.63    Radio tower
North Platte Pathology, LLC.     $      137.00    Inmate medical
Office Depot     $      274.46    Supplies
Office Of State Lands & Investments     $      945.56    Radio tower lease
Peter W. Pier     $      424.82    Travel expense
Pine Ridge Enterprises, LLC.     $   4,711.88    Supplies, courthouse contract
Porter, Muirhead, Cornia, & Howard     $   5,800.00    Balance of audit
Rawhide Drug Company     $      460.13    Inmate medical
Sylvestri Customization     $      600.00    Technical assistance
Thomson Reuters-West     $      150.00    Supplies
Torrington Office Supply     $      454.23    Supplies
Town Of Lusk     $   2,998.36    Utilities
Tyler Technologies     $        82.69    Computer expense
UW Extension     $      100.00    Supplies
UW Extension    $   6,180.00    CO share 4-H educator
Valley Motor Supply     $      274.01    Parts
Verizon Wireless     $      332.42    Telephone, computer expense
Visionary Broadband     $      520.03    I T expense
Wal Mart Community     $      594.71    Supplies, travel, inmate med.
WALT'S LATHE & MACHINE     $      194.54    Equipment repairs, parts
Western Pathology Consultants, P.C.     $   1,000.00    Autopsy
Whitaker Oil     $   1,718.50    Fuel
WY Enterprise Technology Services     $        11.87    Computer expense
Wyoming Child &
Family Development     $   1,000.00    WY Child & Family Dev. support
Wyoming County Treasurer's Assoc.     $        45.00    Dues
Wyoming Dept. Of Transportation     $        32.71    LANCE CREEK BROS CN14063
Wyoming Guardians Ad
Litem Program     $      200.75    Co. share GAL
Wyoming Machinery Company     $      676.81    Parts
Wyoming Network, Inc.     $      200.00    I T expense
Xerox Corporation     $      131.13    Xerox copier service agreement
Grand Total    $ 95,182.81    

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

            Patrick H. Wade, Chairman
Becky L. Freeman, County Clerk
Public Notice No. 5255. Published in The Lusk Herald on May 8, 2019.