Public Notice No. 5484


The Lusk Town Council, acting as the Planning and Zoning Board, has received the following proposed zoning change request:
Proposed Zoning Change: Residential to Industrial

Property: 727 S. Linn St., Lusk, WY on Lot 13 in Block 49, Lusk Townsite Company Fifth Addition to the Town of Lusk, Niobrara County, Wyoming.
Proposed Use: Disabled Vehicle Storage and Impound Yard.
In accordance with Lusk City Ordinance 15-75-110 a public hearing will be held at the Lusk Town Council Chambers at 201 E. 3rd St., Lusk, WY on Tuesday September 1, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.
Pursuant to Lusk City Ordinance 15-75-120 “If 20% or more of the owners of lots in this area proposed for change or within 140 feet of the area protest against the change, the amendment shall not become effective unless a favorable vote of ¾ of the Governing Body is given.” Please respond in writing for or against the zoning change to the Town Office at PO Box 390, Lusk, WY 82225 or in person at the above scheduled public hearing.
Public Notice No. 5484. Published in The Lusk Herald on August 12, 2020.