28th Annual Shooting Sports Club Challenge Shoot

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Recently the Shooting Sports Club held their 28th Annual Challenge Shoot. The shoot, open to the public, is the clubs only fundraiser and this year welcomed roughly 20 four-person teams. Competition consisted of each member of the team competing in shot air rifle where “each team member shot in either prone, sitting, standing, or kneeling” states Julie Gaukel, a Shooting Sports Club director, and air pistol. Per Gaukel, winners of the events included:

Youth Boys Division winners: “Bushmen” consisting of Korbin Jensen, Joseph Barcus, James Cushman, and Kaden Gaukel

Mixed Division winners:  “4 Humans” consisting of Dave Hamaker, Alyssa Barnsdale, Kaitlin Gaukel and Kaden Gaukel

Women’s Division winners: “Dead Eye Dollies” consisting of Lori Barcus, Krystal Peterson, Kaitlin Gaukel, and Julie Gaukel

Men’s Division Winners: “Fireteam Infidels” consisting of Keith Reau Sr., Keith Reau Jr., Wade Reau, and Will Gifford

Family Division Winners:3K’s & a J” consisting of Kevin, Julie, Kaitlin, and Kaden Gaukel

High Overall Youth Boy:  Kaden Gaukel with 200 points

High Overall Male: Brynn Robinson with 222 points

High Overall Woman: Kaitlin Gaukel with 205 points

Another event that participants could choose to partake in was the ‘Shamrock Shoot’, a fifty/fifty competition. “Contestants get three pellets to compete for the highest score (possible of 30 points).  Each target costs $1.00 for the split the pot contest.  This year’s adult winner was Mark Barcus and the youth winner was Kaden Gaukel” explains Guakel. Funds raised from the event will go towards purchasing ammunition, targets, and other items the club will need.

Those who are still interested in signing up for the Shooting Sports Club have until May 1 to contact the extension office and sign up. Per Gaukel, “The club would like to thank Amy Applegarth for doing an amazing job organizing the concession stand and Sarah Willey for helping her.  The club would also like to thank Brian and Krystle Peterson, Kenny Jensen, Dave Hamaker, and Kevin Gaukel for being range commanders and keeping everything running smoothly and everyone safe during the contest.  Also, thanks to Danny Tadewald, Kaitlin Gaukel, Alysssa Barnsdale, and Julie Gaukel for assisting in scoring the event.  Thanks [you] to all the team sponsors, prize donors, and everyone who came out to support the club during this year’s fundraiser”. 

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