Lisa Shaw never misses a shot

LUSK – The seven Lady Tiger senior basketball players have taken thousands of shots at baskets since they began this journey as fifth graders. Ryan Bruegger, the lone senior on the boys’ team has also put up countless shots in the barn, on the court or wherever there’s a rim and spare basketball.

Lisa Shaw’s son Denton was also a prolific ball player for Niobrara County High School as a Tiger, but while all basketball players are off-target from time to time, Shaw has never missed one with her camera in hand.

“I can’t think of a time that she wasn’t at a game of ours,” said Jozalyn Potter. “Maybe when Denton was a senior, and we had travel ball somewhere else.”

Since Denton entered high school in the fall of 2011, Lisa was always nearby with her trusty camera. It most likely goes back even further to his middle school days or rodeo events with her husband Rick.

As much as Rich and Deb Murray have been a fixture on the sidelines for Niobrara County High School basketball, Lisa has had her camera on hand for most of the 15 years this sportswriter has been around.

Even before she started taking photos, Lisa would do the scorebook, wash uniforms and many other behind the scenes support tasks. It didn’t matter if the game was at Tiger Gym, Lingle, Southeast, Pine Bluffs, regionals, state or some far away golf course – Shaw was always there with a smile on her face.

“Lisa has always been there shooting volleyball, golf, basketball, track and field and probably even wrestling if given the opportunity,” Rich said. “She would be there ready even if we didn’t ask her to.”

Danni Larson mentioned that Lisa is like a second mom to the girls.

“It’s always nice to see Lisa there and I can go talk to her about anything. She’s great at capturing all those special moments during the games.”

Potter added, “It’s nice to look back and see how little we were or be able to look back 20 years from now at all the memories.”

While daughter Riley, with Bruegger, Larson, Potter and the other seniors are set to graduate this spring, it’s uncertain how often Lisa will venture to Moorcroft, Shoshoni or Big Horn. But as many NCHS fans have noticed, she has a small army of middle school Lady Tigers following her around begging for pictures of cute boys.

“We are so fortunate to have Lisa around doing this for the kids, and creating a bank of memories,” added Rich. “Yet it seems she intends to continue doing this for a while.”



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