Thompson named Airport Executive of the Year

LUSK - At the most recent Wyoming Airport Conference Royce Thompson was recognized as the Airport Executive of the Year. The Lusk airport is considered a small general aviation airport and the Lusk Municipal Airport is an excellent airport and resource for a community this size.

During Thompson’s tenure as the airport manager he has maintained an excellent working relationship with the FAA, WYDOT, aviation users, and the public community to grow and promote the use of the Lusk Airport. 

He has worked weekends, nights, and after hours to service pilots and tenants in their time of need. Thompson has spent countless hours plowing snow, mowing grass, and fueling aircraft at all hours of the day and night to make sure the aviation community has 24-hr access to the airport.

When the community experienced their historic flood in June of 2015 Thompson worked to create access and operability for the airport in order to meet emergency  needs to the Town of Lusk. According to the nomination form, “His dedication to the airside needs of the community helped Lusk recover from this disaster more quickly than anyone could have anticipated.”

Thompson has also worked to oversee needed and necessary renovations to keep the airport services up-to-date. This included the installation of self-service fueling facilities, new hangars, and a new terminal building all while maintaining the airside needs of the airport. Thompson has made sure aviation needs are not only maintained but he has also expanded the services of the airport to promote growth of aviation traffic to the Town of Lusk and the State of Wyoming.

Thompson has been organizing annual airport fly-ins for Lusk the past few years to promote even more interest in the facilities at the airport. Even though Lusk is a small airport, it is critical to the area ranching operations to oversee cattle production, the Wyoming Women's Center (state prison), and Burlington Northern Railroad coal line transportation system. Without the airport, many of the operations could not be maintained.

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