NCHS and LEMS Combat Bullying

Harlie Jo Dreesen
Posted 9/13/23

LUSK- Jeff Veley is a youth speaker and entertainer, who specializes in youth behavior and anti-bullying.

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NCHS and LEMS Combat Bullying


LUSK- Jeff Veley is a youth speaker and entertainer, who specializes in youth behavior and anti-bullying. Jeff came to Niobrara County after community project manager Sarah Kunerth, asked him to entertain and teach for the Niobrara County school district. Kunerth drove across the state to attend this seminar.

Veley spoke to the students, grades K-12 between September 11 and 12. Over 1 million people have been greatly impacted by Veley’s peace-making strategies. He teaches kids to identify aggression and different emotions so they can resolve social conflicts at home or at school. By using magic, music, and comedy, Veley specializes in resilience education for bullying prevention. He definitely hooks the crowd for both kids and adults. He is also the author of a children’s book called “Bigfoot gets Bullied.”

When asked what made him decide this is what he wanted to do, Veley replied, “I was bullied at school and abused at home. Then nobody taught me how to solve it, just how to report it.”

Veley also worked in mental health for many years. There he discovered that most of the mental health issues in children and even young adults began at school, due to bullying. It was at this particular moment Veley came to the conclusion he needed to do something and it needed to take place in schools.

One example to take away from Veley’s presentation is; if someone is bullying or making fun, laugh with them. Act like they are the funniest comedian in the world because 9 times out of 10 the bully is looking to get a rise out of their victim. When they learn they are not going to receive what they want, odd are they will move on. 

A special thank you to Veley, his team, and community project manager Sarah Kunerth for making this possible for the children in Niobrara County. Bullying is a very serious issue that requires not only thoughtful conversations but actions and tools for students, teachers, caregivers and community members.