A Legend of it’s own, the Rawhide Belt Buckle

The Legend of Rawhide has always provided two things, a edge-of-your-seat evening of entertainment and a beautifully designed and engraved belt buckle. The first could be bought for the price of a ticket, the other, not so much.

The Legend of Rawhide belt buckle has been a source of much good-natured (but sometimes heated) bidding during the live auction with a single buckle bringing upwards of $1500. At times there have been multiple buckles auctioned off but always it is a limited, one-of-a-kind item that is coveted by locals and visitors alike. The buckle is always designed by and features the artwork of a local artist. The artist has varied through the years but always puts their own spin on the representation of all that is the Legend of Rawhide.

The 2019 Legend of Rawhide belt buckle features artwork by Lisa Shaw. In addition to the buckle, the artwork is also typically reproduced in a print that is made available during the auction as well. This year for the buckle however, the Legend Board has decided to introduce an equalizer, the belt buckle will be given to the winner of a raffle instead of the winner of a bidding war.

This year’s buckle raffle will be done using five decks of cards. Each card will be sold at $5 per card. The drawing for the winning card will be held at the first break of the Saturday dance and winner need not be present in order to receive the buckle.