Court News; May 15, 2019

The court docket for Judge Meier on May 9, 2019, in the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial District of and for Niobrara County were two names. Appearing first was Tracy R. Hirte who was charged with vehicle exceeding 70 MPH on Primary Highway, Flee or Attempt to Elude Police, as well as Driving Vehicle within a single lane. Hirte led Wyoming Highway Patrol officers on a high-speed chase going 102 MPH from Edgemont, SD through Niobrara County where she was eventually stopped with spike stripes North of Lusk. Hirte pleaded guilty on all three charges and told the court she was, “Not sure why.” she did it other than she was trying to see her son and “was going to do whatever she could to get away from the police.” She is also being held on a warrant from South Dakota where she is facing several other charges including a felony. Hirte received $900 in fines, $110 in court fees, as well as 110 days in jail, which she will serve her once she is done with court proceedings /sentence in South Dakota. She will now wait extradition to South Dakota.

Also on the docket was with redacted information where a Wyoming Woman’s Center employee is facing two separate charges of Sexual Assault in the second degree with sexual intrusion. This redacted defendant is charged with these two counts stemming from an investigation alleging the defendant had sexually assaulted an inmate in the Wyoming Woman’s Center on two separate occasions within the last couple of months. He is being held on a $20,000 cash bond and is set for a preliminary hearing on May 16, 2019. If the defendant is to make bail, his bond conditions are as follows. He is to have no contact with the victim, he is to keep his phone number and address current with the courts, as well as remain in contact with his attorney at all times. He is to have no violations of Federal, State, or local laws and appear for all futures hearings/court preceding’s.




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