Editor's note

The article titled “Stallman, Bilbrey hired by school district” in the Aug. 11 edition of the Lusk Herald incorrectly spelled Andie Hubbard’s and Jeanna Rose’s names. In addition, it was brought to our attention the cutline under the picture of Superintendent George Mirich is misleading. To clarify, the board did not discuss matters involving Title IX and transgender issues. Rather, Mirich informed the board he had recently attended a law conference where the primary focus of that conference was to discuss Title IX issues.

The article titled “Parents and student discuss closed campus lunch” in the Aug. 25 edition of the Lusk Herald incorrectly spelled Sheila Boldon’s, Desirae LeLeaux’s and Lexie Ashurst’s name.

We deeply regret these errors and extend our sincerest apologies. We have corrected these mistakes with this update.


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