Legend Board moves to weekly meetings

With less than a month to continue planning, the Legend of Rawhide Board has moved to weekly meetings. By now, many should have seen the yearly mailer talking about this year’s events schedule, scholarship recipients, and information for cast and crew parking. Within the next few weeks, radio advertisements will go out and while there are no pre-sale prices, tickets can be purchased ahead of time from Bloomers and the Chamber of Commerce. Important to note, all tickets will have a release of liability clause along with photo release, in purchasing the ticket, the purchasee agrees to the clauses; there will also be no refunds.  

At their June 7 meeting, the board discussed some new events that will take place over the weekend. Brock Finn will play a three hour set on Saturday during the afternoon in the bar tent at the fairgrounds. A Cornhole Tournament will also be taking place at the fairgrounds on Saturday from 1:00-3:00PM. The tournament will have three age divisions and will be single elimination. Prizes will be given, including a cornhole set. The Poker tournament will also take place Saturday at the fairgrounds. 

Auctions will take place on both Friday and Saturday nights, with the main auction taking place on Saturday night in the beef barn during the dance. Items will be on display prior to.  

The board also discussed the 2017 Legend of Rawhide Weekend Dedication and Legendary Helper. The Weekend Dedication will be to John Eddy for his years of dedication to the performance and the Legendary Helper will be kept secret. 

On a more serious note, the board discussed the cast and crew parking and the use of the east gate. This year, there will be no camping on the parking side of the line dividing viewer parking from cast and crew parking; meaning, there will be no hook-ups for any campers. 

As we move closer to The Legend of Rawhide weekend, the board will continue to meet weekly with tree hauling taking place next weekend, Saturday, June 24 during Charlie Chamber Days. Preceding the trees coming into town, tear down will take place at the fairgrounds Friday, June 23. Following the trees arriving in town, set-up will take place right after at the fairgrounds. 

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