Local Artists: Jessica Frye

Jessica Frye of Capturing Moments is the November Local Artist with her work on display through the end of the month. Niobrara County Library played hostess to Frye during her Local Artists Reception held at the library last Wednesday, November 8. Beginning at 5:00 that evening, locals were encouraged to stop by the library where they could view and discuss the work with Frye. Frye, who began photography close to six years ago, didn’t really get into the business until she took her step-daughters senior pictures, “That’s when it really clicked for me on doing photography. A year ago I went to a photography display at the library here in town, it happened to be Lisa Shaw’s. She inspired me even more [and] that’s when she told me what I could do and where to go for my photography degree. So I did it and I accomplished [it]” states Frye, who also gives her children a large amount of credit in pushing her towards photography, “I love every minute of it. I love capturing the moments in peoples’ lives and making them forget for a moment of what’s going on in their lives”. 

On display at the reception were a number of images ranging in mediums from landscape to infant, but Frye has a list of her chosen top genres, “My first favorite would have to be portraiture, second would be landscape photography, third newborn and fourth would be photographing  Alzheimer’s and cancer”. It is her fourth genre where Frye has a gift in drawing out who a person truly is rather than what their disease or illness has made them out to be. “I make my clients remember that they’re alive and not dealing with an illness or disease. I focus on the family and the client who is dealing with what they are fighting. I make sure to lighten the mood before taking photographs of my clients. With Alzheimer’s you have to have extreme patience and know how to present yourself in a gentle manner” explains Frye. It is a genre not to be taken lightly, but Frye is up for task due to her own life experiences, “I am able to cope for the fact I understand what the illnesses are and about. When I was twenty-four and a half, I fought cervical and uterine cancer. I have had several family members pass of cancer. With Alzheimer’s, I took care of Alzheimer’s patients for six years. That was my specialty because I understood my patients. I definitely take my time and let them do what is most comfortable for them. I let my Alzheimer’s clients take charge. You never force them to do anything”. Frye maintains the same manner in the other areas of her photography, “With my Newborn Photography I capture the innocence of a child that was brought into this world.  With my landscape photography I can escape into another world and be creative. With my portraiture photography, I am able to interact with the person and make it all about them”. 

The reception was a first time display for Frye who adds, “I believe it was a great experience. It was my first display and Debbie was very supportive and social during my expo. I was able to meet and greet some exceptional supporters. I capture the moments in peoples’ lives and I also capture the moments in my life. For life is very valuable and should never be taken for granted; that is why I have named my photography Capturing Moments”. 


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