Lusk Men to Grow Beards as Fair Pageant Advertising Stunt

Business men of Lusk are going western from now on to fair time. As advertising for the pageant-spectacle, which the Junior Chamber of CCommerce is sponsoring, every business owner and employee in town is asked to either grow a beard or wear two items of western clothing.

In fact, the request is a must-and if you don’t then it will cost you a kangaroo in court.

Deadline to make a showing of a beard or start going cowboy, is Saturday, July 27.

As a reward prizes, yet to be announced, will be awarded for the most handsome beard, the longest, and the reddest, as well as for the best dressed cowboy.

To encourage the women to join the stunt, a prize will be awarded for the best-dressed cowgirl.

Moustaches aren’t sufficient-anyone trying to get by without a full beard is subject to fine. Farmers and ranchers of the county are urged to join in the fun. Men taking the part of Indians in the pageant are exempt from beards, though they may grow them and shave just before pageant time.

The contest closes the morning of August 24.