News and Views April 29, 2020

A surefire way for maintaining social distancing has been well solved by some in the ranching community to avoid the coronavirus, COVID-19.
Just go out and put your hand in cow manure. You certainly won’t touch your face or rub your eyes. Most people wouldn’t even consider shaking your hand or getting closer than 20 feet.
One thing for sure, when you get to the house, you’ll be washing your hands longer than 20 seconds!
I had a good news/bad news week beginning on Tuesday, when my actual 90th birthday occurred.
It is a good thing my children decided to celebrate my advancing age last summer instead of this year. It would not have been possible as many mentioned in the cards that I received this year.
I had a “virtual” party in my living room with cards, opened up and standing, displayed on the dining table representing family and friends, lovely flowers among them, chocolate cake delivered from Deckers (Ice cream cake!), balloons tied on the porch railing. I was totally unaware because I was on the phone with another birthday call and then discovered some clever sidewalk chalk art on my driveway wishing birthday greetings by special friends.
Now for the bad news.
The next day, during lunch, I managed to break off a crowned molar, leaving jagged edges and pins that stuck up and ripped up a side of my tongue, leaving me in unbelievable pain. Thanks to a reminder that we have a dentist in town, I made the call and was able to be cared for that very afternoon.
Dr. Richard Jones is located in the medical building north of the Niobrara County Hospital and his phone number is (307) 334-9933.
Now for good news. Within minutes, I was relieved of much of the pain as he dealt with my problem. I was also impressed with his professionalism as we discussed my care. Write that number down.
Please stop by and get acquainted with him and his family. Welcome them to town!


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