News and Views April 8, 2020

Social distancing has really put a “crimp” in my column, as folks are supposed to stay put and not socialize. Considering that it only takes one to bring the notorious virus into an entire community, where it can contaminate nearly everyone before it becomes under control (if ever); the order by Governor Gordon has great merit. The local effort to look after our neighbors and still maintain the recommended six feet separation will certainly call for creative measures. The parade of cars last week was a fun idea for “getting out.”
It has been suggested that folks send cards to the Wyoming Veterans who are living in the Veterans Home of Wyoming in Buffalo, and cannot have family or friends come visit. It is a lonely existence. Simply address it to: Wyoming Veteran, Veterans Home of Wyoming, 700 Veterans Lane, Buffalo, WY 82834. Add a little message (or letter) if you wish and it will be delivered to someone who would appreciate getting mail. Those who served in the military need to hear from you “Thanks for your service,” which I realized, when Merle and I went to Washington State several years ago to visit our daughter, Judy. He had grabbed an old, dirty cap to wear on the trip and I replaced it with the clean, new cap he had received on his Honor Flight to Washington, DC. On boarding the plane, folks began saying to him “Thanks for your service” and Merle had tears in his eyes. It’s never too late to say it.
Those lovely spring days were so nice and tempting to get outside and work in the sun when it was above 60 degrees on Wednesday, April 1. Maybe it was just April Fool’s Day. It was a shock to see it was only seven above zero Thursday morning with snow drifting down. Warmer days were welcomed by the weekend.
Ron and Holly Nelson were delighted to add a great-granddaughter to their family on March 31. The young lady is named Kinley Tee and her parents are Jake and Kelsie Young of Cheyenne, where her dad is a member of the Army National Guard. Little Kinley has an older brother, three-year-old Kale.
Do call me if you have special news to share, especially since you, the reader, should be staying home. It’s good that we can’t share COVID-19 by way of the internet or phone calls.


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