Niobrara Roping Club-Peewee Johnson Memorial

Courtesy/Kaylee Barner Peewee Johnson memorial ropers Hardy White, Tye Reed and Will Lambert.

LUSK – Niobrara Roping Club held two events Aug. 15, 2021, in memory of PeeWee Johnson. In the first event, a 13 Draw, there were 51 paid teams competing for four paid places:


1st-Larry Rice/Tyler Coleman-$410/man

2nd-Justin Smith/Hardy White-$308/man

3rd-Ty Thompson/Tom Hadley-$205/man

4th-Jamie McElhaney/Hardy White-$103/man


In the second event, an 11 Draw there were 48 teams competing for four paid places:


1st-Will Lambert/Hardy White-30.10, $385/man

2nd-Will Lambert/Rick Shaw-31.20, $290/man

3rd-Jamie McElhaney/Hardy White-34.03, $195/man

4th-Toby Gruwell/Chuck Peterson-35.47, $95/man


High Money Winners of the day were:

Larry Rice-Heading

Hardy White-Heeling


Buckle Winners (buckles donated by Tye Reed & family)

Will Lambert-Heading

Hardy White-Heeling


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