Public Notice No. 5492


In accordance with Wyoming Statute 15-1-110(b)(i), within sixty (60) days after the end of each fiscal year, the name, position, base annual salary of and amount of overtime pay paid to each full-time employee and each elected official shall be published. The salaries are listed as base annual salaries or actual wages, not including any benefits such as health insurance costs, life insurance benefits and pension plans. The statement also indicates any overtime the employee earned that was paid by the Town of Lusk.
Name            Position            Base Annual Salary        Overtime Pay
Douglas E. Lytle    Mayor             $12,000.00    
Calvin Carstensen    Council Member-     $1,425.00
    Mayor Pro-tem            
Rebecca Blackburn    Council Member    $1,275.00    
Thomas Dooper        Council Member    $1,500.00
R. Dean Nelson        Council Member    $1,500.00
Linda M. Frye        Clerk/Treasurer        $54,600.00            
Cassandra Matney    Deputy Clerk        $37,128.00              $53.55
Todd Skrukrud        Director of
   Public Works        $74,845.68             
Royce Thompson    Electric Supervisor/

   Airport Manager    $68,118.34              $587.80    
Pete Kruse        Lineman        $57,276.52              $1,233.24    
John Eddy        Water/Sewer
   Supervisor        $57,249.07              $1,603.21    
Rory Norberg        Water/Sewer Laborer    $44,722.18              $1,266.02    
Bruce Himes        Streets/Sanitation/
   Recycling Supervisor    $57,084.73              $1,520.98    
David D. Penfield    Streets Laborer        $47,265.12             $1,326.78    
Robert Brown        Streets Laborer        $37,306.51         
Cory Wilcox        Mechanic        $52,693.20    
Jacob Phipps        Sanitation Laborer    $41,558.68              $506.82    
Justin Lashmett        Sanitation Laborer    $22,679.13              $100.36
James Santistevan    Cemetery/Parks
Manager        $52,009.72              $186.64    
Justin "Bo" Krein    Chief of Police        $57,749.90            
Jacob Gordon        Police Officer        $53,892.30              $2,494.80    
Jay Owren        Police Officer        $50,190.00             $1,543.50
Jeremiah Fink        Police Officer        $29,941.50              $238.50
Jason Gill        Police Officer        $6,813.75              $118.50
Tyler Stream        SRO/Police Officer    $68,000.14            
Linda M. Frye Clerk/Treasurer
Town of Lusk
Public Notice No. 5492. Published in The Lusk Herald on August 19, 2020.